【Stroke and colorectal cancer dual attack】Combined Treatment with Traditional Chinese Medicine and Western Medicine

Dr Johnny LAU Kin Sang
PhD Wendy WONG

Only Chinese version is available for this publication. Please click the below link to view the Chinese version. 


Chinese version: https://www.heal-medical.com/tips-and-knowledges/stroke-and-cancer-dual-attack-eastern-and-western-medicine-collaborate/

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Anal cancer is a relatively rare form of cancer, and the types of tumours in the anus are more complex due to their location at the junction of the inner and outer layers of the embryonic tissues. Anal cancer typically originates from the tissues around the anus, including the anal skin, anal canal, or the mucous membrane inside the anus.


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The Bile duct located between the gallbladder and the duodenum event has a small size, but it has the potential to develop into cancer as know as “Cholagiocarcinoma”, with the risk varying by region. Generally, the older a person is, the higher the likelihood of developing the disease. According to data from the American Cancer Society, the average age of diagnosis for intrahepatic and extrahepatic cholangiocarcinoma is 70 and 72 years, respectively.


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Blood cancer, also known as leukaemia, is a cancer of white blood cells. Leukaemia can be classified into two main types: chronic and acute, and further categorized as lymphocytic or myeloid. Leukemia is one of the top ten deadliest cancers in Hong Kong, with approximately a thousand new cases reported each year. Unlike most other cancers, both children and young adults are at risk of developing this disease.

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