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Pneumococcal Vaccination

Pneumococcal infection represents a wide range of diseases caused by the bacterium Streptococcus pneumoniae (or more commonly referred as pneumococcus). While pneumococcus is a common cause of mild illnesses such as sinus or middle ear infections, it may also cause severe or even life-threatening invasive pneumococcal diseases (IPD) such as bacteremic pneumonia, sepsis, and meningitis. The outcomes for IPD are usually more severe among young children and elderly persons.


Heal Medical offers a variety of pneumonia vaccines, effectively preventing pneumococcal infections, including Prevenar 20  (PCV20), Prevenar 13  (PCV13), PNEUMOVAX 23 (23vPPV)

Pneumococcus can be transmitted through respiratory droplets and is often found in the human nasal cavity. While pneumococcal infections are common in young children, elderly individuals face a higher risk of severe illness and death. This bacterium can lead to various diseases, including otitis media and pneumonia. Additionally, it can also cause severe and sometimes fatal invasive pneumococcal diseases such as meningitis and septicemia.

Symptoms of the diseases depend on the site of infection:

  • Otitis Media: Symptoms may include fever, ear pain, and ear discharge, with repeated infections potentially leading to hearing impairment.
  • Pneumonia: Symptoms may include fever, shortness of breath, chills, and productive cough, with severe cases possibly being fatal.
  • Meningitis: Symptoms may include fever, neck stiffness, and confusion, potentially causing long-term hearing impairment and even death.
  • Septicemia and Bacteremia: Symptoms may include joint pain and chills, with the possibility of simultaneous infections in other parts of the body, such as the lungs and meninges.

One of the best methods for preventing pneumococcal infections is vaccination.


VaccinePrevenar 20  (PCV20)Prevenar 13  (PCV13)PNEUMOVAX 23  (PPVS23)
Number of serotypes20 (1、3、4、5、6A、6B、7F、8、9V、10A、11A、12F,14、15B、18C、19A、19F、22F、23F、33F)13  (1、3、4、5、6A、6B、7F、9V、14、18C、19A、19F、23F)23 (1、2、3、4、5、6B、7F、8、9N、9V、10A、11A、12F、14、15B、17F、18C、19F、19A、20、22F、23F、33F)
Technologe Conjugate vaccineConjugate vaccinePolysaccharide vaccine
Appropriate18 years or above6 months or above2 years or above
ProtectionAntibodies remain effective for the long term and do not require repeat vaccinations.Antibodies begin to decline after approximately 10 yearsAntibodies typically last for about 4-7 years
Year introduced202120001986

*The above information is for reference only. Consult our medical professional for specific recommendations.

Vaccination Services

Pneumococcal Vaccination

The price includes the vaccine price, doctor's consultation fee, and injection fee.


Prevenar 20 (PCV20)

  • Price $1,950

Prevenar 13 (PCV13)

  • Price $1,720
  • Eligible groups to receive free or subsidised1 $920


  • Price $810
  • Eligible groups to receive free or subsidised1 $410

1Detials for eligible groups to receive free or subsidised: https://www.chp.gov.hk/tc/features/103165.html#10003

Frequently Asked Questions

The majority of people who receive the pneumococcal vaccine don't have any major side effects, but adverse effects can occur including: reactions/ redness/ swelling where the shot was given/ pain or tenderness/ fever/ loss of appetite/ fussiness (irritability)/ feeling tired/ headache/ muscle aches or joint pain/ chills etc.

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