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Influenza Vaccination Services

Influenza is an acute respiratory disease caused by the influenza virus, and the incubation period is usually one to four days. The influenza peak season in Hong Kong are normally from January to March/April, and from July to August (subject to the actual situation of each year). 

HEAL Medical now offers a discount for quadrivalent influenza vaccination service, which is suitable for people aged 6 months or above to enhance their own immunity. Do get the flu vaccine as soon as possible, for the sake of your own and your family's health!

The 2023/24 Vaccination Subsidy Scheme will start on September 28, 2023.

To reduce the risk of severe complications and hospitalization due to seasonal influenza, experts recommend getting vaccinated against seasonal influenza every year to prevent the risk of severe illness following an influenza infection.

Influenza, commonly known as the flu, is an acute respiratory infectious disease caused by viruses. It primarily spreads through respiratory droplets or secretions. Patients may experience symptoms such as fever, sore throat, and cough. While most people recover within a week, influenza can lead to complications, including viral pneumonia, bacterial pneumonia, sinusitis, or middle ear infections, and in severe cases, even death. Therefore, it is essential for individuals not covered by subsidies to consider self-paid influenza vaccination.

Apart from healthy persons, the following high-risk groups should have higher priority for the vaccination: 

  • Pregnant women
  • Children
  • Eiderly
  • Healthcare workers
  • Chronic disease patients or patients with compromised immunity
  • Poultry /swine workers

WHO recommendations on influenza vaccine composition for the 2023-24 northern hemisphere influenza season:

Seasonal Influenza Vaccine (Egg-Based)
Fluarix Tetra (GSK) / Vaxigrip Tetra (Sanofi)

  • an A/Victoria/4897/2022 (H1N1)pdm09-like virus;
  • an A/Darwin/9/2021 (H3N2)-like virus; and
  • a B/Austria/1359417/2021 (B/Victoria lineage)-like virus.
  • a B/Phuket/3073/2013 (B/Yamagata lineage)-like virus.

Vaccination Services

Quadrivalent Influenza Vaccination Services

The 2023/24 Vaccination Subsidy Scheme


Eligible for government VSS subsidies:1

  • Pregnant Women
  • Age 6 Months - 18 Years (Secondary School Students)
  • Persons of Age 50 Years or Above

1More information about eligible groups:
*If you are recommended to get any of the vaccines but are not in the above-mentioned eligible groups to receive free or subsidised vaccination, you may consult medical crews and consider vaccination at your own expense for personal protection.

Seasonal Influenza Egg-Base Vaccine (Fluarix/ Vaxigrip Tetra) 

  • Vaccination Fee (FREE)
    #For first-time vaccination or individuals with weakened immunity who require a doctor's assessment before vaccination, an additional consultation fee of HKD 230 will apply.

Vaccination Services

Quadrivalent Influenza Vaccination Services

Self-financed Persons


Seasonal Influenza Egg-Based Vaccine (Fluarix/ Vaxigrip Tetra) 

  • Vaccination Fee: HKD 260
    #For first-time vaccination or individuals with weakened immunity who require a doctor's assessment before vaccination, an additional consultation fee of HKD 230 will apply.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Centre for Health Protection has indicated that the immunity established after vaccination may weaken over time and could decrease to a level where it offers no protection in the next season. The World Health Organization scientifically calculates the prevalent virus strains each year and updates the vaccine formula accordingly. Therefore, it is recommended that citizens receive the seasonal flu vaccine each year.
According to the Department of Health, flu vaccine can be co-administered with Covid-19 vaccine, or at any time before or after under consent.
The symptoms of a cold/common flu and influenza are similar, including fever, sore throat, cough, sneezing, runny nose, muscle and joint pain, fatigue, loss of taste/smell, etc. However, influenza usually has more severe symptoms and comes on more fiercely, such as body aches, children are more likely to have diarrhea and vomiting, etc. In most cases, a cold/common flu will not lead to serious health problems, but influenza can cause more serious complications, such as pneumonia, encephalitis, myocarditis, etc., and may even require hospitalization and the use of devices such as ventilators.


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