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BioNTech Bivalent Vaccination Service

As travel around the world gradually resumes, preventing COVID-19 is important for your health and that of your family. The most effective measure against the new coronavirus is to get the 2019 coronavirus vaccine (referred to as the COVID-19 vaccine). Getting vaccinated against COVID-19 not only reduces the risk of severe symptoms, hospitalization and death caused by a virus infection, but also prevents infection, protects oneself, family and friends, and also reduces the spread of the virus.

When you are vaccinated against COVID-19, your body's ability to defend against the virus will increase; however, after a period of time, your body's ability to resist the virus will gradually weaken, increasing the risk of infection and complications. Therefore, timely booster vaccination can help maintain the body's resistance to the virus.

In order to protect the health of you and your family, the general public, including those who have recovered, you should consider taking booster doses. Biotech bivalent vaccine is one of the optional boosters. The number, dose and interval of vaccines you need will vary from person to person and will depend on the following factors:

  • Age
  • Immunity
  • The number and times you have received COVID-19 vaccine
  • Have you ever been infected with the new coronavirus, etc.

What is BioNTech Bivalent Vaccine?

BioNTech Bivalent Vaccine is an mRNA COVID-19 vaccine, which is a vaccine booster for preventing COVID-19 infection. It provides resistance to the original strain and two other highly infectious Omicron variants, BA.4 and BA.5.

The new coronavirus will mutate over time, leading to mutated virus strains. Even if you have been vaccinated, the mutated virus strain can "evade" the immune system's "detection" and "defense" of the virus, successfully invading the body and infecting you. Omicron is a common variant of the virus that is more contagious than the original virus.

According to the latest research from the University of Hong Kong, timely vaccination of the COVID-19 vaccine booster can effectively reduce Omicron infection and severe symptoms; if the fourth dose of bivalent vaccine is administered, the body's resistance to Omicron can be improved. Therefore, timely inoculation of the appropriate booster can provide your body with better protection against the new coronavirus.

The following people are suitable for vaccinating Biotech Bivalent Vaccine:

  • General people aged 18 or over (never infected: need to have received two doses of the COVID-19 vaccine; recovered persons: need to have received one dose of the COVID-19 vaccine)
  • People aged 18 or above with weakened immunity (for those who have never been infected: need to have received three doses of the COVID-19 vaccine; those who have recovered: need to have received two doses of the COVID-19 vaccine)

*General people aged 18 or over: If you have not received the third dose of vaccine or; you are a recovered person but have not received the second dose of vaccine, you can receive it after recovery or 180 days after the last dose of vaccine. However, before vaccination, it is recommended to provide medical professionals with previous COVID-19 vaccination records for detailed evaluation, and you can also ask our professional medical team for inquiries.

Common side effects

Headache, fever, tiredness, muscle pain, diarrhea, joint pain, pain and swelling at the injection site, etc. Serious and rare side effects: Relative to inactivated vaccines, the risk of myocarditis and pericarditis is higher (especially in young men and within 2 weeks after vaccination).

Precautions after vaccination

Young people should avoid strenuous exercise within one week after vaccination, and watch out for symptoms of myocarditis and pericarditis, such as shortness of breath, palpitations and chest pain.


BioNTech Bivalent Vaccination Service

Service includes:

  • injection fee

The fee for BioNTech bivalent vaccination service is HKD $1,400, please contact us for more details.

Additional services:

  • Additional Physician Consultation Service + $600

Frequently Asked Questions

If your chronic disease is stable, you should be vaccinated for protection. This is because you are at higher risk of serious complications from COVID-19 infection.
Both clinical data and overseas vaccination data show that the safety and side effects of the bivalent vaccine of Biotech are similar to those of the original vaccine of Biotech. The more common side effects include headache, fever, tiredness, muscle pain, diarrhea, joint pain, pain and swelling at the injection site, etc. These side effects are usually mild and short-lived. You can apply a clean, damp washcloth to the injection site and move your arm a little to reduce pain and discomfort. Drink plenty of water to reduce discomfort caused by mild fever.
Regardless of whether you have been vaccinated with BioNTech vaccine or CoronaVac, you can choose BioNTech bivalent vaccine as a booster.
Research data show that after a period of time after receiving the COVID-19 vaccine, the antibody level in the human body will decline, and the protective efficacy provided by the vaccine may decrease over time. Furthermore, with the emergence of new coronavirus mutant strains, vaccination boosters can increase antibody levels, which is very important for preventing infection. BioNTech bivalent vaccine contains the original virus strain and Omicron mutant virus strains BA.4 and BA.5. According to the existing clinical data, the level and growth rate of antibodies against the Omicron mutant strain BA.4-5 after inoculation with BioNTech bivalent vaccine are higher than those inoculated with the original strain vaccine. Inoculation of bivalent vaccine as a booster can improve the protection against the original virus strain and Omicron mutant strain.
According to the data, it is safe to receive the flu vaccine and the COVID-19 vaccine booster at the same time. A study by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention pointed out that the safety of simultaneous vaccination of influenza vaccine and COVID-19 vaccine booster is similar to that of clinical research data. Although there may be 8-11% more chances of side effects such as headache, tiredness, and muscle pain among those who receive the flu vaccine and the COVID-19 vaccine booster at the same time, these side effects are usually mild and short-lived.

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