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Colorectal Cancer Screening Package — Colonoscopy

Colorectal cancer is the second most common cancer in Hong Kong, and there has been a trend toward a younger age of onset in recent years. Younger patients often lack awareness of colorectal cancer and may mistake symptoms for common gastrointestinal issues, overlooking the potential risks and missing the optimal time for colorectal cancer treatment. Most cases of colorectal cancer are associated with lifestyle factors, such as high consumption of animal fats and proteins, a diet lacking in plant fibre, obesity, and lack of exercise, all of which can increase the risk of colorectal cancer.


When a malignant tumour grows inside the intestines, the colon's wall may narrow, resulting in smaller and looser stools. Additionally, if there is blood or mucus on the surface of the stool, these are important symptoms of colorectal cancer. Symptoms of early-stage colorectal cancer are often difficult to detect and only become more apparent in the later stages. The treatment approach for colorectal cancer varies depending on factors such as tumour location, size, and extent of spread. Therefore, when your bowel habits suddenly change or you notice unusual characteristics in the shape or surface of your stool, it is advisable to consult a doctor promptly.


Foreign studies have found that regular colonoscopy screenings can reduce the incidence of colorectal cancer by 40% to 60%.


Heal-Medical is now launching a colorectal cancer prevention package. Specialists Doctor uses high-definition colonoscopies to examine the intestines for any signs of abnormalities and provide medical follow-up for early-stage colorectal cancer precursors. Act now to protect you and your family's health!

Who Should Undergo Colorectal Cancer Screening Package?

The symptoms of colorectal cancer in the early stage are difficult to detect, and more apparent symptoms will appear at the end stage.  If you suspect that you have a potential risk of colorectal cancer, it is advisable to seek medical assistance as early as possible.

  • 45 years or older*
  • with a family history of colorectal cancer
  • Blood in the stool or a lot of mucus
  • Abdominal pain for no reason
  • Unexplained weight loss and fatigue
  • Changes in bowel habits (often constipation, diarrhoea) that persist for more than two weeks
  • Faecal occult blood

*The U.S. Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF) updated its recommendations in 2021 to lower the starting age for colorectal cancer screening in average-risk individuals from 50 to 45 years old. This update is based on a global trend of younger colorectal cancer cases and aims to reduce the incidence and mortality rates of colorectal cancer through earlier screening.

Administered by Medical Practitioners (Specialist)

  • Early Detection and Prevention: Colonoscopy can detect potential precancerous lesions in the colon, such as adenomatous polyps, and remove them early.
  • Accurate Diagnosis: A biopsy can be performed immediately if abnormal tissues are found during colonoscopy.
  • Improved Cure Rate: Early diagnosis of colorectal cancer, followed by appropriate treatment, can significantly improve patient survival rates.
  • Reduce Potential Medical Costs: Treating adenomatous polyps in the early stages is much cheaper than treating colorectal cancer.

Cancer Screening / Health Screening Plan

Colorectal Cancer Screening Program — Colonoscopy Package

The Colorectal Cancer Screening Program is suitable for individuals aged 45 and above or those with potential risks. Undergoing relevant screenings early can help reduce the chances of developing colorectal cancer and future treatment costs.

Service Price $13,300*

*The price is for reference only. Final payments are subject to charges incurred from treatment and services performed.


The fee includes: 

  • Pre- and post-operative doctor consultations 
  • Bowel preparation medication
  • Gastroenterologist fee 
  • Intravenous sedation fee 
  • Day Procedure Centre operating room fee

Terms and Conditions:

  1. The procedure will be performed at the designated healthcare centre.
  2. Preliminary evaluations of relevant tests should be conducted by the doctor.
  3. The price does not include monitoring anaesthesia fees, polyp removal, and fees for biopsy.

Cancer Screening / Government Subsidy Scheme

The Government’s Colorectal Cancer Screening Programme subsidises asymptomatic Hong Kong residents aged between 50 and 75 to receive screening service to prevent colorectal cancer. Participants will first undergo a Faecal Occult Blood Test (FOBT) that can detect small amounts of blood in stool that are not visible to the naked eye. If present, they will be arranged to receive a colonoscopy and potentially have any colorectal polyps removed to prevent them from developing into cancer.

FREE of Charge for Eligible Persons*

2024 Eligibility Criteria:
✅ Hong Kong Residents (holders of HKID or Certificate of Exemption)
✅ Born between 1948–1974
✅ No symptoms/signs of colorectal cancer or high-risk factors
✅ Have not undergone colorectal cancer screening within the specified period

Program Process:
1️⃣ Consultation with a doctor for assessment
2️⃣ Sign the consent form and register for the program
3️⃣ Undergo faecal occult blood test
➡️ (Positive Result) Arrange for a colonoscopy ± polypectomy
➡️ (Negative Result) Retest every 2 years.

*Remark: The free program does not include Monitored Anaesthetic Care (MAC) during surgery.

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