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Male Fertility Screening Plan

Having children is the most natural and beautiful thing in life. However, from marriage to childbirth, our bodies will more or less change with the pressure of work and life. Regardless of whether you have done a pre-marital check-up or not, couples who intend to have children should have a sexual and reproductive health check-up. This is not just the responsibility of women, men should also partake in fertility check-ups. The quality of sperm directly affects the chance of pregnancy, therefore, it is especially important to check the quality of sperm regularly.


In view of this, HEAL Medical has launched a Male Fertility Screening plan, which evaluates the function of the male reproductive system through semen examination. This will help men understand better their physical conditions and increase their chances of fertility.

We can use a semen analysis to examine the state of the sperm under a microscope to assess its quality. Semen analysis will be performed according to the guidelines established by the World Health Organization (WHO). In addition to testing semen volume and semen pH value, semen analysis will also test the following indicators:

  • The number of sperm in semen: Normal semen contains 20 million to 200 million sperm. If the number is too low, it will affect fertility.
  • Sperm motility: Assesses the ability of sperm to move, which directly affects fertility and insemination success.
  • Sperm morphology: If more than 50% of the sperm morphology is abnormal, it means that fertility is low.

After the semen analysis is completed, the urologist will explain the inspection report in detail to you, and provide fertility advice and fertility treatment services, including assisted reproduction counseling referrals and recommendations for appropriate treatment options.

Health Screening Plan

Male Fertility Screening Plan

Comprehensively evaluating the function of the male reproductive system through semen examination, helps men understand their health status and increase their chances of fertility. 

Basic investigation items include:

  • Pre & Post Consultation 
  • Blood Pressure, Pulse and Body Mass Index (BMI)
  • International Index of Erectile Function - 5
  • Digital Rectal Exam (DRE)
  • Semen Analysis
  • Total Testosterone 

The entire plan costs HKD$ 1,980. Please contact us for more details.

Add-ons service:

  • Prostate Health Index (PHI) + $1,600
  • Free Prostate-Specific Antigen (PSA) + $450
  • Urine Routine Test + $75
  • Prostate Ultrasound (TA)  + $1,050
    - Prostate Exams 
    - Examination Findings in Prostate Abnormalities 
  • Scrotum Ultrasound + $1,250
    - Testicular Exams 
    - Examination of Abnormalities within the scrotum
    - Varicocele Examination 

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