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Liver Cancer Screening Plan

Liver cancer is the No.3 cancer killer in Hong Kong, following lung cancer and colorectal cancer. There are approximately 1,800 new cases each year and about 1,500 deaths annually. Among the new cases, 75% are males, and the average age of disease onset is between 63 and 69.


The treatment of liver cancer is relatively challenging, primarily because patients often discover the disease in its advanced stages, reducing the chances of a cure. Therefore, prevention is better than cure. Citizens should receive hepatitis B vaccination, and carriers of the hepatitis B virus should undergo regular check-ups to detect liver tumours early. Early-stage liver cancer often presents no symptoms, and by the time it's diagnosed, it may already be in its advanced stages, affecting the chances of a cure. High-risk individuals should undergo regular liver cancer screening to facilitate early detection and treatment.


HEAL Medical is now launching a Liver Cancer  Screening Plan, including doctor's consultations before and after screening, liver ultrasound scans, pre-and post-doctor consultations, Liver Ultrasound Scan, Alpha-fetoprotein (AFP) Tumor Marker Test (Blood Test), and PIVKA-II Test (Blood Test). This plan effectively assesses and monitors liver health and the presence of liver diseases such as liver cancer, hepatitis, and cirrhosis. Act now to protect you and your family's health!

Who should receive the Liver Cancer Health Screening Plan?

To reduce the risk of developing liver cancer, it is recommended that individuals who have no symptoms but are at high risk undergo the relevant screening.

High-risk individuals include:

  • Chronic Hepatitis B carriers
  • Chronic Hepatitis C carriers
  • People with cirrhosis
  • Alcoholics
  • Smokers
  • Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) and non-alcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH): Obesity, diabetes mellitus and other metabolic disorders can cause liver damage, leading to cirrhosis and liver cancer.

 These include unexplained weight loss, yellowing of the skin and whites of the eyes (or jaundice), loss of appetite, dark urine, light-coloured stools, abdominal pain and swelling.

Health Screening Plan

Liver Cancer Screening Plan

The Liver Cancer Health Screening Plan is suitable for individuals with liver disease and those who have a nightlife habit. Undergoing these screenings early helps reduce the risk of developing liver cancer and lowers future medical treatment costs.

Screening Package includes:

  • Pre- and post- doctor consultation
  • Liver Ultrasound Scan
  • Alpha-fetoprotein (AFP) Tumour Marker Test (Blood Test)
  • PIVKA-II Test (Blood Test)

The entire screening plan is HKD$2,800. Please contact us for more enquiries. 


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