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Breast Cancer Screening Plan

Breast cancer is the most common cancer among Hong Kong women and ranks third deadliest. Early detection and treatment are crucial for treatment effectiveness and patient survival. Data shows that the survival rate after early-stage breast cancer treatment is 80% or higher. Don't let breast cancer become your story; get screened for breast cancer now.

Who should receive breast cancer screening?

  • Women: Breast cancer primarily occurs in women, so women should pay special attention to breast cancer screening.
  • Age: The recommended age for regular breast cancer screening typically starts at the age of 40, especially for women with a family history or other risk factors.
  • Family history: If there is a first-degree relative (mother, sister, or daughter) with a history of breast cancer, especially at a younger age, the individual's risk may increase. In such cases, screening may need to start earlier and require more frequent checks.
  • Genetic mutations: Individuals with specific genetic mutations like BRCA1 or BRCA2 have a significantly increased risk of breast cancer. These individuals usually need to start screening earlier and may require more frequent imaging checks.
  • Other risk factors: Other factors that may increase the risk of breast cancer include personal medical history, early menstruation, late childbirth, and the use of hormone replacement therapy, among others

Health Screening Plan

Breast Cancer Screening Plan

A practical and comprehensive breast health examination is crucial for women of appropriate age. To ensure the health of your breasts and stay protected from the threat of breast cancer, start your regular breast health check now.


  • Pre- and post- doctor consultation
  • Ultrasound Breast
  • 2D Mammogram
  • Chinese Medicine Assessment for risk of Liver Stagnation and Breast-related illnesses (medicine not included)*

The entire screening plan is HKD$2,800. Please contact us for more enquiries. 
*Limited-time upgrade offer, valid until December 31, 2024. HEAL Medical reserves the right for final decision.

Add-on: 3D Mammogram +$1,700

Breast cancer screening helps in the early detection of potential tumours before the condition progresses to more severe stages. Early detection assists in reducing the complexity of breast cancer treatment, allowing for more localized treatments that may avoid invasive procedures like systemic therapy. Identifying and initiating treatment early can prevent the spread of tumours to other areas, increasing survival rates.
Breast ultrasound uses the reflection of ultrasound waves to transmit wave frequency information to a computer, creating an internal image of the breast. This chest examination technique can show the location, size, and nature of lumps within the breast, distinguishing between malignant tumours and benign conditions such as cysts, breast hyperplasia, fibroids, etc. Its sensitivity is 91 to 93%, and accuracy ranges from 81 to 95%.
Breast mammography utilizes X-rays passing through the body to produce images, displaying the entire breast tissue and revealing tiny calcification points for diagnosing early-stage cancer, precancerous lesions, and even early follow-up before tumour formation. 3D breast mammography only requires fixing the breast, capturing multiple images through tomographic techniques, and reconstructing three-dimensional images using a computer. The breast compression time is less than 4 seconds, resulting in less discomfort than 2D breast mammography.
A study in China found more than 55% of BIRAD-3 found of breast abnormality that potentially related to liver stagnation of Chinese Medicine Syndrome. Therefore, it is recommended that women aged 30 to 40 or older undergo regular breast screening to detect potential hidden risks of breast cancer early and to complement treatment with Traditional Chinese Medicine for better therapeutic effects.

Breast Cancer Risk Assessment Tool

The government commissioned the School of Public Health of the University of Hong Kong to conduct breast cancer research in Hong Kong. Based on the locally obtained data, a Breast Cancer Risk Assessment Tool suitable for Chinese women in Hong Kong has been developed.1

1The Breast Cancer Risk Assessment Tool aims to help women understand breast cancer risk factors and should not be considered a medical diagnosis or medical consultation. If there are any concerns after the assessment or if classified as moderate to high risk, consultation with your family doctor or specialist is recommended.

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